Favorite House

All the homes that I have lived in have provided me with many great memories.  I recently visited the 900 square foot home in which Jerry and I started our marriage.  The memories came flooding back.  I love the life that I have now, but the memory of that life was so sweet.  I kept thinking about all the life that had been lived since living in that house.  I thought about all the people who are no longer here on earth and of course all the people who have come into our lives since then.  So many deaths, births and marriages have created such memories.  Life was so much simpler in that little home.  It makes me think of the old song “Love Grows Best in Little Houses”.  My family couldn’t fit in that little house now, but maybe one day Jerry and I will retire to that home.


Favorite Lesson

With everything going on in my life right now, the stress can become overwhelming.  Lately, I have noticed that my children are at their best when they know that I am at my worst.  When I show my vulnerability, they are there to make sure things are going as expected.  I showed the children my fear and they understood and pitched in to help.  It is a beautiful thing to witness my children supporting each other and myself.  It is when I try to stay in control of everything that the worst in everyone comes out.  I need to let go of some of the control and give them more opportunities to make a difference.  I so love learning from my children.

Favorite Friends

I have been reflecting on my past and present friendships lately.  My children have had a change in friends lately and I have been reflecting on my friends so that I can speak to them about what friendship is all about.  I want my children to have true friendships that will last them a lifetime.  I know some friends will come and go, but I want them to recognize the friendships that will be special to them.

Maybe they won’t have the same friends in 20 years, but I am praying that they do.  I value all my friends, but there are a few that no matter what they are there for me.  These girls have been my friend for the last 30 years.

These are the ones that think of me at Communion and say a special prayer for our friendship, the ones that share the secret about the daughter getting married, the ones that we would drop everything for so she can attend the funeral of a friend, and the ones that we pray relentlessly for when her father is in the hospital.

I have been thinking of and praying for these four women lately.  Thanking God that He made them a part of my life.  We don’t always agree on everything, but we know each other’s hearts and we love each other like family.

Favorite Story

So, my husband had a spontaneous family reunion yesterday.  At the last minute, one of his cousins came to town and wanted to meet with as many relatives as she could.  My house happened to be volunteered as the meeting place.  The stories began flowing and this one is my favorite!

“It all started when”….Jerry was about 12 years old and his sister Gwen was about 11 years old.  Like most siblings they were not getting along so well on this particular day.  Gwen ran inside and locked the sliding glass door behind her.  Jerry insisted that she open the door for him, but she refused.  No matter what Jerry would say, she would only look at him through the glass with a grin.  Jerry happened to have a hammer in his hand and told her that he would “break the door” if she didn’t open it.  Never did Gwen believe that “rule following” Jerry would hit the glass with the hammer.  The hammer hit the glass and trouble hit the fan.  That is what led to Jerry’s only spanking in his life.